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Olga Gira

Olga is a student at Washington State University-Vancouver and spent her summer interning at Delap LLP. She has been a member since 2021. Continue reading

The 星际网赌 Women's Initiatives Strategic Committee is here to support and promote women with the opportunities and resources they need to build the career they want and create a legacy, both professionally and personally, while educating and building awareness in the profession.

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Women's Initiatives & Networking (WIN) 

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  • January 2023 - Date & topic to be announced soon!

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Mind the gap -- women make little progress in pay equity

  • March 6, 2023

The wage gap between men and women has changed little over the past decade with women making an average of 82% of what men make -- not much above the 80% average for women back in 2002, according to Pew Center research. Many factors make up the stagnation including women flocking to lower paying types of jobs as well as plain old discrimination, but experts say the gap could be closed faster through more generous family leave policies, parity and wage transparency laws and more dedicated efforts to build truly inclusive company cultures.

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