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Not-for-Profit Certificate I Program

Accounting Today's Best New Products award, 这个全面的40小时互动式按需澳门星际网赌课程包含现实世界的例子, case studies, and interactive problem-solving to create a flexible, dynamic learning program that can be completed anytime, anywhere.

澳门星际网赌: 40 / Level: 1 (Basic)


Certificate programs shown below are currently not available. Check back soon!


Advanced Defined Benefit Plans Audit Certificate Exam and Learning Program

员工福利计划高级审计包含模拟审计案例研究和与计划相关的高级学习练习, performing, and evaluating defined contribution, defined benefit, and health and welfare plan audits. Once you complete the learning, 您需要参加高级设定受益计划审核证书考试以获得证书的数字徽章.

澳门星际网赌: 17.5 / Level: 3 (Advanced)


Advanced Defined Contribution Plans Audit Certificate Exam and Learning Program

员工福利计划高级审计包含模拟审计案例研究和与计划相关的高级学习练习, performing, and evaluating defined contribution, defined benefit, and health and welfare plan audits. Once you complete the learning, 您需要参加高级固定缴款计划审核证书考试以获得证书的数字徽章.

澳门星际网赌: 17.5 / Level: 3 (Advanced)


Advanced Health and Welfare Plans Audit Certificate Exam and Learning Program

员工福利计划高级审计包含模拟审计案例研究和与计划相关的高级学习练习, performing, and evaluating defined contribution, defined benefit, and health and welfare plan audits. Once you complete the learning, 您需要参加高级健康福利计划审核证书考试以获得证书的数字徽章.

澳门星际网赌: 17.5 / Level: 3 (Advanced)


Advanced Single Audit Certificate Exam and Learning Program

In Advanced Topics in a Single Audit, 您将深入了解在统一指南下进行的单个审计业务中可能出现的关键问题, with an emphasis on the advanced topics that require particular attention. Once you complete the learning, 您需要参加高级单一审计证书考试以获得证书的数字徽章.

澳门星际网赌: 9 / Level: 3 (Advanced)


Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate

数据分析要点证书的应用提供了关于如何分析数据和计算数据集基本方面的实践经验. This certificate program provides the core concepts and definitions of data analytics, which explain the anatomy of data as a medium, 并为开始从数据中收集有用信息提供了基本的统计分析技术.

澳门星际网赌: 14 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Blockchain Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professionals Certificate

With real-world literacy on blockchain and digital assets, 您将配备区块链和加密资产背后的基本结构, structure, and functionality, as you consider the value in implementing this technology into your own organization.

澳门星际网赌: 12 / Level: 1 (Basic)


COSO Enterprise Risk Management Certificate

The only COSO-authorized certificate program on the 2017 COSO ERM framework, 这个新的证书课程为您提供了学习最新ERM框架的概念和原则的独特机会,并准备将其整合到您组织的战略制定过程中,以推动业务绩效. Plus, you'll earn up to 13.5 hours of 澳门星际网赌.

澳门星际网赌: 13.5 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


COSO Internal Control Certificate

Designing and implementing a quality system of internal control can be challenging. 适应快速变化的商业模式和新兴技术需要一个健全的内部控制系统,以及那些管理这些系统的人——要灵活.

The COSO Internal Control Certificate will develop your expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring a system of internal control.

澳门星际网赌: 16.5 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Cybersecurity Advisory Services Certificate

本权威指南提供解释性指导,使注册会计师能够审查和报告实体的网络安全风险管理计划及其控制措施. 该指南提供了一个框架,旨在为利益相关者提供有用的, credible information about the effectiveness of an entity's cybersecurity efforts.

澳门星际网赌: 15.5 / Level: 1 (Basic)


Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Finance and Accounting Professionals Certificate

本证书课程将涵盖几个网络安全主题,以帮助您了解网络安全风险对您的组织或客户的重要性和影响, including an introduction to AICPA's cybersecurity risk management reporting framework.

澳门星际网赌: 13.5 / Level: 1 (Basic)


Cybersecurity Practical Applications Certificate

In your role as an accounting professional, you will likely be involved in assessing and mitigating cybersecurity risk, and determining what will be done in the event of a cybersecurity breach.

澳门星际网赌: 12 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Data Analytics Core Concept Certificate

An essential guide for accounting and finance professionals. 学习数据分析的核心概念,以及如何将数据分析应用于组织中的项目.

澳门星际网赌: 8 / Level: 1 (Basic)


Data Analytics Modeling Certificate


澳门星际网赌: 14 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Data Visualization Certificate

数据可视化证书将指导您完成数据实践中最重要的领域之一-数据可视化的每个主要方面. Building from underlying technology, architecture, and analysis considerations, you will learn how to translate data into meaningful information, visualize the information, and communicate findings and lessons.

澳门星际网赌: 10 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Finance Transformation: Ignite Change Certificate

Ignite Change证书为未来金融价值链中的各种目标和角色提供了更深入的见解. 它侧重于组织内部需要进行哪些更改以适应不断变化的业务环境,以及新的和现有的角色将如何支撑价值链.

澳门星际网赌: 11.5 / Level: 1 (Basic)


Finance Transformation: Manage Disruption Certificate

管理中断证书为组织中财务的加速演变提供了背景. 它侧重于商业环境变化的原因和方式,以及财务团队如何准备和应对这些变化.

澳门星际网赌: 7.5 / Level: 1 (Basic)


Finance Transformation: Transform Skills Certificate


澳门星际网赌: 16 / Level: 1 (Basic)


Forecasting and Predictive Analytics Certificate

预测和预测分析证书将教你用于预测分析的基本技术:回归, classification, clustering, optimization, and simulation. Beginning with basic models for revealing and establishing relationships, 您将学习如何将日益复杂的建模技术应用于实际数据分析, 以及常见的问题,以便您可以确定模型预测的拟合和有用性, and apply them to typical business problems.

澳门星际网赌: 15 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting Program

法务会计证书课程的基础为参与者提供了对金融法务的扎实理解. Covering the AICPA's entire Body of Knowledge in this topic area, 这个在线澳门星际网赌自学项目由19个必修模块组成,这些模块利用交互式的基于场景的学习, including audio and video animation, to guide you through the concepts.

澳门星际网赌: 21.5 / Level: 1 (Basic)


IFRS Certificate Program

This certificate program will teach you how to understand, apply, 并在广泛的会计准则中解释国际财务报告准则的基本概念和原则.

澳门星际网赌: 28.5 / Level: 1 (Basic)


Intermediate Employee Benefit Plans Audit Certificate Exam and Learning Program

《澳门星际网赌》探讨了员工福利计划独有的会计和审计要求,使您全面了解与固定缴款相关的要求和审计程序, defined benefit, and health and welfare plans to help you more effectively plan and carry out your audit.

澳门星际网赌: 13 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Intermediate Single Audit Certificate Exam and Program

In Applying the Uniform Guidance in Your Single Audits, 您将获得关于在统一指南下执行合规性审计的知识, including the responsibilities of both the auditee and auditor. Once you complete the learning, 您需要参加中级单一审核证书考试以获得证书的数字徽章.

澳门星际网赌: 10.5 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Not-for-Profit Certificate II Program

After completing this course, you will be able to successfully prepare financial statements, complete the Form 990, build complex budgets, and guide the strategic planning process. You'll also learn how to perform risk assessments, proactively respond to tax compliance issues, measure performance, and work with an organization's governing board to achieve mission success. Plus, 专家们提供了一些实践技巧,帮助你调整你的方法来应对各种规模的非营利组织的挑战.

澳门星际网赌: 30 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Personal Financial Planning Estate Planning Certificate Program and Exam

遗产规划证书课程是一个信息丰富和引人入胜的学习经验,将提高你的遗产规划知识. Part of the Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program, 遗产规划证书包括八个课程,涵盖遗产规划生命周期的各个步骤, including gifting strategies, charitable planning, and integrating your clients' estate plans with their tax and financial plans. And, 如果你正在寻求一个全面的了解遗产规划概述在美国注册会计师个人财务规划(PFP)知识体系, this program is for you!

澳门星际网赌: 18 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Personal Financial Planning Investment Planning Certificate and Exam

投资计划证书课程是一个信息丰富、引人入胜的学习经历,将提高你在投资计划方面的知识. Part of the Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program, 该证书课程包括八个课程,涵盖投资规划生命周期的各个步骤, along with a discussion of planning for and funding higher education. And, 如果你正在寻求一个全面的了解投资计划概述在美国注册会计师个人理财规划(PFP)知识体系, this program is for you!

澳门星际网赌: 19.5 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


Personal Financial Planning Retirement Planning Certificate and Exam

退休计划证书课程是一个信息丰富、引人入胜的学习经历,将提高你在退休计划方面的知识. Part of the Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program, 该证书课程包括六个动态课程,涵盖退休计划生命周期的关键步骤, including unique planning for aging and chronically ill clients.

澳门星际网赌: 20.5 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)



风险管理和保险计划证书课程是一个信息丰富、引人入胜的学习经历,将提高你在风险管理和保险计划方面的知识. Part of the Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program, 该证书课程包括八个动态课程,涵盖风险管理和保险计划过程中的关键步骤,从保险合同和年金到递延补偿,以及将业务与所有者的个人财务计划相结合.

澳门星际网赌: 20 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


PFP Practical Application Certificate Program

PFP实际应用证书是在成功完成继续教育课程后获得的. 这是一次信息丰富、引人入胜的学习经历,将增强你对个人财务规划的了解. Part of the Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program, this certificate program is comprised of five courses, including four case studies, covering the clients' planning life cycle. You will learn to navigate the regulatory environment, understand the PFP standards, use fundamental concepts in a systematic planning process, and utilize your technical knowledge for the benefit of your clients.

澳门星际网赌: 13 / Level: 2 (Intermediate) 



本证书将重点关注机器人过程自动化的好处,以及软件机器人的使用如何使您的企业或客户变得更具竞争力和敏捷性. You will gain an understanding of the risks, opportunities, 以及自动化对组织的影响,同时学习构建业务案例和运行成功的概念验证所需的决策标准和关键考虑因素. 您还将了解实现所需的步骤和治理,或就如何成功实现向客户提供建议.

澳门星际网赌: 16 / Level: 1 (Basic)


Robotic Process Automation Strategy for Business Leaders

You will get an overview of RPA, 了解它如何改变业务,并了解RPA如何提供重要的竞争优势. 您还将了解开始构建RPA策略所需的关键注意事项和步骤,包括, 如何应对克服“机器人恐惧”所需的文化转变,并理解人类智能在确保战略成功方面所起的关键作用.

澳门星际网赌: 7 / Level: 1 (Basic)


SOC for Cybersecurity Certificate

Cybersecurity threats are escalating, unnerving the boards of directors, managers, 各种规模的公共或私人组织的投资者和其他利益相关者. 组织面临越来越大的压力,需要证明他们正在管理威胁, and that they have effective processes and controls in place to detect, respond to, mitigate and recover from cybersecurity events.

澳门星际网赌: 14.5 / Level: 2 (Intermediate)


U.S. International Tax Certificate

The U.S. 国际税务证书是一个全面的学习计划,帮助全球金融和会计专业人士导航高度复杂的国际税务世界. 证书课程由三部分组成,带您从掌握基本原则和概念到建立和应用您对复杂主题的知识.

澳门星际网赌: 48.5 / Level: 1 (Basic)


U.S. International Tax: Advanced Issues

这个全面的学习计划帮助全球金融和会计专业人士驾驭高度复杂的国际税收世界. Developed in partnership with Grant Thornton, 这个证书课程对任何需要了解国际税务复杂性的人都很有价值. The U.S. 国际税务:高级问题捆绑深入探讨如何处理复杂的税务问题,如转让定价, tax treaties and corporate formations.

澳门星际网赌: 12 / Level: 1 (Basic)


U.S. International Tax: Core Concepts

对于任何需要了解国际税收复杂性的人来说,这份美国税务报告都是有价值的.S. 国际税务:核心概念包为您提供了在美国建立坚实基础的机会.S. international taxation. 这两门课程涵盖的主题包括区分各种类型的全球税收制度之间的差异以及每种税制的某些特征, entity classifications and different forms of operating a business in a foreign country.

澳门星际网赌: 9 / Level: 1 (Basic)


U.S. International Tax: Inbound and Outbound

这是一个全面的学习计划,旨在帮助全球金融和会计专业人士在高度复杂的国际税收世界中导航. Developed in partnership with Grant Thornton, 这个自学在线证书课程对任何需要了解国际税务复杂性的人都很有价值. The U.S. 国际税务:入境和出境交易包为您提供了在美国建立坚实基础的机会.S. international taxation. 这个五门课程的系列课程涵盖了诸如区分各种类型的入站和出站事务之间的差异等主题.

澳门星际网赌: 27.5 / Level: 1 (Basic)